Journal #301

I wake to a new dawn.

Fill myself with sustenance.

Like a stage crew lurking behind the scene, a being whispers to me endlessly.

Words and descriptions that pull you down like a whirlpool, drowning you.

A dose of ignorance, a dose of focus, I hope the being leave me be.

It disappears into the abyss.

And come back with a vengeance.

It become a black hole.

All joy and energy slingshot out of me as fast as mercury around the sun.

As bleak as end of days, it become a war.

War between the past that is gravity and present that is space.

Hours passed and events a blur but I remain aware and paralyze.

Present triumph.

I accelerate away.

But it lingers ever ready to pounce and pull.

As steadfast as rocket flying through the sky, I finish the day with something accomplish.

However small the accomplishment is.