Journal #305

There it is again.

That procrastination monster lurking in the background, asking me not to write anything today. It sent me on a YouTube mode. I watched one video.

And then…

You know what? Screw that. And procrastination monster, fuck off, I will write something.

And I will do it in third person mode again. It’s more fun for me and it does gives me an interesting insight to my life from a third-person perspective.

Although judging from the metrics of my blog, it doesn’t look like third-person mode is popular but then it doesn’t matter. I write not because of metrics. I write because I want to share and let out whatever stress or creative tensions that have been building up inside of me. I ignored those tensions in the past and made me depressed, which then lead me to feeling even more stressed.

So conclusion is, writing, no matter the form, do make me happy.

So here it goes, writing about my day in third-person mode…

It’s around 8.00 am when he woke up to use the washroom. He was still feeling groggy. The sleep wasn’t as good as he would like, having found himself awoke several times throughout the night with a somewhat active mind. Eyes heavy, he stumbled out of his room and off to the washroom he went.

After he was done, he go himself a cup of water and decided to he wanted to play some games on his PC. He powered up his PC and got down to play The Evil Within 2 until around 10 in the morning.

During his early morning gaming session, he also went and do 55 push-ups spread across three sets and some stretching exercise to loosen up his shoulders and arms. They had been pretty stiff and sore due to excessive computer use.

Quitting his game at 10, he joined his parents for breakfast. Having gone back to an omnivorous diet, it expanded his choices. Today he went with Chinese roasted pork belly, Char siu and rice for breakfast. It wasn’t that particularly good and salty.

After that, he went back home with his parents and got back to gaming again. He stopped again at around 1pm because he wanted to go to the SingTel shop to get his internet and mobile plans sorted. After having a quick shower, he got his mom to go along. The intention was to give her a new phone that goes with a new contract.

After getting his queue number from the service counter, his mom and him went for lunch at Thai Express. Since there was still time until it was his turn, he followed his mom to get a haircut and walked around at the NTUC supermarket. From time to time, they went downstairs to check on what’s the current queue number.

At around 4pm, he grew frustrated with the long waiting time and decided to go home instead. Although the service staff told him that it may take up to three hours, he was kind of expecting the queue to go faster. So he went home with his mom and on the bus home, he got a SMS notification saying there are only seven people left in front of him. He just couldn’t be bother anymore.

After he reached home, he changed into his running gear and went for a run. Before that, he got another SMS notification at 4.36pm that his queue number was called but he wasn’t at the store. In his mind, he went “whatever” and went ahead with his run.

He continued to play The Evil Within 2 after the run until it was around 7.55pm. During that time, he was feeling hungry again and made himself a cup of oatmeals although it was almost time for dinner.

For dinner, he joined his family at a nearby coffeeshop to have Tze char. For the dishes, they ordered steam fish, pork ribs king, salted egg prawns, mixed vegetable, and a bitter gourd seafood soup.

With the dinner done, they all went home feeling full and happy. The dishes were good.

In the meantime, the long hours spent playing games came to hunt him in the form of stiff back, shoulder and neck, which subsequently translated into neck pain, nausea and headache.

This is where he would call it a night and turned in.