Journal #306

First major event in the morning, my mom asked me to go back to the SingTel Shop to re-contract my mobile subscription and home fibre internet. At first, I was disgruntled but nonetheless went with the idea.

I went for a quick shower. Well, I never like going to the mall without feeling clean. We arrived at the store at around 10.30 in the morning only to see a long queue formed in front of it. We joined the queue and waited until 11.00 am, which was the officially opening time.

I re-contracted back the Combo 3 plan for my mobile subscription. This time it comes with near unlimited SMS and phone call. The terms and condition stated it’s actually 10,000 SMS and 10,000 minutes of phone call per month.

In general, I only use a maximum of 100 minutes per month and sometimes, I don’t even hit 10 minutes. As for SMS, I only use it for receiving notifications sent by companies for transactions performed.

And SingTel also offer me additional 2GB free of data as part of this re-contract. So all in all, I got 11 GB of data per month to use. I already got 3GB as part of the plan and another 6GB as part of the Data 3X add-on. Now I can watch more YouTube video on the go.

As part of the re-contract, I could get a new phone. Since I have already got an iPhone X previously, this phone is meant for my mom. I got her the Oppo R11s Plus, which is kind of an upgrade from her Asus Zenphone 3.

Admittedly, I like just how colorful the display. Google app icons do look playful in a way with those colors. Apps on iOS does get a little dull.

Oh, I forgot to write a review about my iPhone X. I will get that done by the end of the week.

I also used the chance to terminate my second mobile line that cost me $10.90 every month since I don’t need it anymore.

The home fibre internet re-contract also saw the per-month price dropped from 69.90 to 49.90 excluding GST. That means I get to save about $10 every month.

That’s a good thing. I got pretty sick and tired of paying so much for internet when the quality of service just don’t even seem worth it. Personally, I won’t mind paying up to $200 per month if that means I get 1 gigabits per second connection to everything that’s out there. But SingTel can’t guarantee that. Nothing on the internet can guarantee that.

After that, my dad and sister join us at the mall. We went to have our breakfast there and bought stuff for Chinese New Year.

So far so good. I’m grateful for everything.

I spent the time between late morning and early afternoon finishing up The Evil Within 2. I got the chance to start a New Game Plus that brought over all my weapons, skills upgrade, whatever that was in my in-game inventory.

Here are some screenshots from my game, spanning yesterday and today’s sessions…

That monster is an ugly SOB.

Ah.. Chapter 14, I’m almost at the end of the game.

That’s a really nice environment with its eerie atmosphere. It evokes a sense of awe in me and creepiness. But I love it.

That’s the boss… really really ugly. Remind me of Attacks of the Titans.

Here comes that tail!

Here it’s the end.

After the gaming session, I decided to get a haircut. I went to a salon near my house, got my haircut and bought lunch back. Lunch was Char Siu Rice and Waffle with Red Bean paste. Then I spent most of the day watching Altered Carbon on Netflix.

In the meantime, my dad was complaining about no one cleaning the house for Chinese New Year. He’s not wrong there. My house isn’t exactly very small. Just that I’ve already decided that I will clean my room next weekend. This weekend was to get my mobile and internet subscription sorted.

When I decided that I will live a un-busy life, that’s what I will do. One thing at a time and spread out the work over the week. I have yet to get some new clothes for the new year anyway.

Ok, back to Altered Carbon.

Thus far, I love the story, the character development, and the overall world building.

In terms of world building, it evokes the sense of dystopia when the characters are roaming around the planetary surface through poorly lit streets, prostitutes, dirty fight cages with modified aliens, drugs, and almost non-stop violence against the flesh.

Then there is the ultra-rich and powerful living out their dream life high up in the towers, above the clouds, with building houses and well-manicured gardens. They acted like they are all high and mighty and indulge themselves in zero-gravity fight cages.

The show does a pretty good job showing the difference what the poor and rich have access to though those things are really just two sides of the same coin. Power and corruption are the main running themes with a light sprinkle of desiring for freedom.

For the rest of the night, I will focus on doing more writing for my novel. I can’t keep putting it away.

Oh, by the way, I have never liked to separate my journal into sub-section and give them headers. I see my life as a continuous stream with different feelings depending on the time of day. I’m here to tell a story, not write an article. So I will stick to the format I have now.

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