Journal #308

I have made some small changes to my life as of late. I also have an achievement at work that I’m pretty happy about.

Of course, there will be some unhappy stuff but hey, that’s life.

And it’s gonna be a long post, I guess.

Lifestyle Changes

For a start, I have been doing weight training. I have not done that since 2015 because I got lazy. I also increased my pushup reps. As of now, I have accumulate 55 pushups in a day. My goal is to hit 100 per day. I also just started doing planks for up to 40 seconds.

All that exercise was in part to stave the weight gains that I have as a result of spending too much time sitting down at work and even at home. Muscles for a start consume more calories at rest.

Although I do climb the stairs up to my office on the fourth floor when I go to work and come back from lunch, it isn’t enough as I’ve noticed my waist, butt and thighs getting bigger from fats. I could no longer fit properly into my pants and shirts that I recently bought.

I also acknowledge that despite my desire to be slim like an ectomorph it just won’t happen. My genes just won’t allow it. Instead I have a mesomorph-endomorphic body. So in that case, why should I continue to aim for something impossible and instead focus my energy on toning my body, taking advantage of what I got?

The other change that I made was I started wearing my Apple Watch even at home. I only put it on charge when I go for a shower or sleep.

Previously, I took it off once I came back from work because it just didn’t make sense to be wearing a watch at home. I got clocks around the house. Lately, I just find that it’s a waste to have it just sitting on its charger. The activity rings aren’t closing too. After all, I do move around quite a fair bit at home.

With that, I have increased my move calories settings from 400 to 450. As of now, I have already moved 520 calories. So far so good.

I wrote and published an article here and here about what happened when I did abruptly stop caffeine intake. Yet there is no denying the fact coffee is actually a healthy beverage but only so when consumed in moderation. So I introduced coffee back into my life but in small amounts as part of other beverage. E.g. mocha

Now mocha isn’t healthy because of its high fat and sugar content. But the funny thing is I stop feeling hungry that easily. Previously, I always ordered 3 shots, sometimes 4 shots, Americano from Starbucks just before I go to work. But drinking that put too much caffeine into my body that caused my gut to process food too fast (quite literally dumping) and not absorbing nutrients. It was making me eat more. That was also the reason for my weight gain.

By switching my drinks to Mocha or even Dark Mocha (simply more chocolate), I put less caffeine in my body and the fat and sugar I’m taking is actually making me go longer before I need to eat again. And I do love chocolate and milk anyway. So it’s a win for me.

That’s all for my life changes.

Work achievements and changes

Today I managed to implement several HTTP utilities to help with making RESTful calls, serializing and deserializing data. Alongside that, I also implemented one of the use case and added logic to handle half of another use case, if that makes any sense.

Right now, my work requires me to detect user mouse events on the thick client and do image processing given those events. I was able to implement some basic programmatically generated lines and boxes given some data using Windows GDI. I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made despite it being trivial in grand scheme of things.

Working with computer graphics also brought back some nostalgia from my school days when I was studying computer graphics as part of game development course. To have to deal with pixels, vectors, bounding boxes, and trigonometry is fun although admittedly I’m very weak at maths. In my previous jobs at other companies, I don’t get a chance to do any of that because it’s just not part of their business.

I have also pulled myself away from software and code design. I simply put codes anywhere I see fit. It’s now back to basics, back to the times when I write codes that simply works. I focus now only on the output. There’s no more pattern to why I put my codes.

I also let my colleague write whole backend and I don’t even go there now. The code style, packaging style, naming and whatnots are now all hers and I no longer have any input because I don’t feel like there is a point.

Notice I use feel and not think. I’m a feeler, not a truly rational person, and I’m not ashamed. That’s me being fully self-aware.

And why do I feel there is no point?

First, management don’t care if it’s well designed or not if the core functionality is not out. Design takes time and money. That’s something they don’t have. At least that’s the sentiments I’m getting.

Two, it’s a brand new project and there are no business analysts to tell us what the customer want or need. The requirements will keep changing. It just doesn’t make sense to waste time on beautifying the codes.

Three, the deadline is super tight. There’s no time to waste on it.

Four, my colleagues don’t see any difference between my style of coding and theirs. They focus on the short-term end results, which are functionality and finishing their tasks. Me? I care about long-term more. And that means maintainability, meaning, and readability of the code. But majority wins.

Last but not least, and I will sound very selfish and short-sighted, my contract is only for two years and I don’t feel vested in the company.

Most people look for jobs to pay the bills. As long as the job pay high, they do the job. As for me, I do care about the money and the money is decent. But I am also looking for an overarching meaning in the work I do, or at least be inspired to do more.

However, I see a company full of zombies who are pretty much dead on the inside. The feel of the company is also “meh”. I don’t feel inspired at all. In fact, I’m drained the moment I stepped into office. I’m a feeler and if my energy is already all drained the moment I stepped in, how do you expect me to feel vested?

Ok, that’s all for today. Until my next journal entry….I’m feeling hungry now…