Journal #309

I came down with a sudden cold late afternoon and it is making it hard for me to think and concentrate.

But I will try and write something.

There were two things that stood out today.

The first was one of my colleague was dissatisfied with her situation at work and I won’t say more because it’s not my place.

Personally, I’m also equally not satisfied with the place but I need the money so that I can continue to study whatever the hell I want.

The other thing was the mistakes I made with the calculation of the center point of rectangles given some values. It prevented the correct detection whether the mouse cursor was in that rectangle and I debugged the wrong place, causing me to spent unnecessary amount of time on it. I had to rely on my colleague to review through the codes to determine that I was on the wrong track.

This is what happens when you don’t create enough chance for yourself to play with graphics and mathematics. It’s my fault really.

That’s all for today. I better turn in early for the night.