Journal #312

After waking up at around 8am, I decided to laze around in bed until about 8.30am. Then I went to have my breakfast. At about 9.30, I started cleaning up my room, starting from the window side of the room.

That window side is also where my computer desk is located. So I had to spend some time disconnecting all the cables and moving the desktop away. Only then I could move the desk and start cleaning.

Systematically and as methodically as I possible can, I cleaned my room in a clockwise direction. By the time it was 1pm, I only managed to clean half. I spent the next 3 hours cleaning the other half of my room.

For this cleaning session, I decided to apply some minimalism.

I removed one desk that I rarely use and consolidated some of the decorations that I have. I also removed a wall picture because it was falling apart. I have also moved my television console table that have my Apple TV and Playstation 4 to the space previously taken up by the desk I removed.

So now my room is more spacious, less cluttered. I am loving what I have now and I do feel happy.

But I’m not done yet because I still got a whole bunch of papers and old documents that I have yet clear. They are still stuffed into whatever drawers that I could find space.

Other than clearing and cleaning my room, I helped my parents washed the windows and the grills in the living room and kitchen.

Having spent the whole cleaning, my whole body is aching. I also had a craving for some western food. So I suggested to my family to eat at Hot Tomato and it’s my treat.

After a shower, waited for everyone to come back home, and then we made our way to the nearby mall. At Hot Tomato, I ordered a cup of earl grey tea and mixed grill.

Mixed Grill is basically a collection of spaghetti, pork chop, chicken chop and pork sausage.

After that, we went to Cotton On because my sister want to get some clothes for the New Year. I didn’t want to get anything so I loitered around until it reached a point when I decided I rather go home. So I took my leave and got down to craft this journal.

So here I am.

Tomorrow I will be heading out with my friend to get some stuff. Until tomorrow’s journal…