Journal #313

A friend and I went to Orchard Road today. One of the reasons was I wanted to get collect the Gigabit Wireless Router from the telco. I got it free because I re-contracted my broadband internet a week ago. At the same time, my friend wanted to get some Chinese New Year goodies.

But before that, we went to have lunch at The Sushi Bar again. We ordered the same stuff we always eat. Actually I wasn’t feeling that hungry because I just had my breakfast of Lor Mee.

After lunch, we went to Best Denki because my friend suddenly wanted to take a look at the Apple Watch series 3 stainless steel version. However, Best Denki at Nee Ann City didn’t carry it. So we decided to go the Apple Store.

First, we went to the bazaar in the basement to take a look at the Chinese New Year goodies but we didn’t actually finish walking through it. My friend last minute decided not to buy anymore.

We made our way to the Apple Store and had a look at the watch. I love the polished body of the watch and the red coloured knob.

I will probably get one next month.

Then we made our way to the basement of Somerset 313. I got the queue number from the service center and waited for my turn. It didn’t take too long and we were out within 20 minutes.

As we went up, I had a craving for something cold. Ice cream was that something I wanted. So we went to Stone Cold Creamery. I ordered a mocha ice cream with Oreo cookie and rainbow sprinkles as topping. Half way through, I actually felt thirsty. The overall ice cream was just too sweet and gave up. I prefer something more bitter. Like you know Americano with no milk or sugar, dark chocolate, etc.

We went home after that.

Once home, I installed the new router and got rid of the old one. The old one has been giving us problem with its constant restarting and poor connectivity. I hope the new one can last us a bit longer.

I joined my family for dinner at Putien and it was a treat by my sister. I didn’t feel particularly interested by the food. Some of the food were either too salty for my taste or just don’t stir all my senses enough.

Originally, I didn’t want to go out because I wanted to focus on writing. At the end, I went anyway. I used the time waiting for bus, walking to bus stop and walking to the restaurant writing on my iPhone using the iA Writer app.

I promised that I will get the iPhone X review out before the end of this week. I decided to go with writing about 5 Things that I Love About iPhone X and published it a couple of hours ago, just before the food came.

At around 9pm, my family and I made our way home. I was feeling kind of irritable and not too good but it didn’t stop me from focusing on writing my journal. Half of this journal was written during the journey home.

Other than eating at restaurants, getting stuff, and window shopping, I also downloaded a new game for my iPad and iPhone. I got the game call Inside. At first, I wasn’t sure if I like the game. So I tried it out and really loved. I reached the end of the first stage and decided to just buy the full game and pay $9.90. Thus far, I’m enjoying every moments of my gaming session with it.

I will switch to writing something for my novel for the rest of tonight.

One last thing, the upcoming week will be a short one with only three work day. Chinese New Year eve, which falls on a Thursday, is a no work day and the actual Chinese New Year is a public holiday. I also took a paid leave for the following Monday. That means, I will be having 5 days of break from work.

Now, that’s a good thing. I can recharge myself since I am already feeling uninspired and hate my job. It’s also about getting away from what I feel is a toxic environment for creatives like me who primarily operate with feelings first than rationality.