Journal #314

I received a WhatsApp message in the morning from my team lead asking me to meet him and another colleague at the customer’s office. I wasn’t exactly very happy about it. In fact, I was very grumpy. Part of it I know stemmed from my dissatisfaction with my job. I’m just hanging on because I need the money to build my freedom fund.

When I got there, I went to the canteen to have my breakfast of a chicken burger and then join my colleagues on the fifth floor. We went into the office and went about deploying the latest application release.

We spent the whole day testing the application. My task there was to prepare the identity data and deploy server side application. So I won’t say I’m fully involved for the whole day because the part I’m responsible for was already done. We did find some bugs with the application and tomorrow we will be focusing on fixing those and prepare another copy of the application for deployment.

I suppose we will have to finish that before the Chinese New Year. Next week, I’m tasked to actually install the application on the user’s machine.

The other hours that I was free, I was actually playing some games on my phone. Admittedly, it wasn’t a very productive use of my time but I’m perfectly ok with it. I’m happy by then and that’s more important than anything else. At least to me.

Later in the evening, I actually made a detour to Jurong East to get movie tickets for Black Panther. The show is this Wednesday. When I got to the selection of seats, I saw that half of the cinema was full. Luckily, there are two seats near the back so I got those and made payment.

After that I took the train back home, only to alight at Boon Lay to get some health supplements. I made the rest of my journey home on the bus.

During the day, another colleague of mine came to know about what I truly want to achieve and that this software development job is something to pay the bills.

Also, as we leave the customer’s office, the conversation we had amongst the four of us ended up being about matchmaking me with some girls.

Ha. I still prefer to live the life of being a single though being attached to somebody has its perks. It will definitely expand my world view.