Journal #318

Today, I decided to do something different for most of the day.

I got down and spent the last 8 hours drafting, crafting, and editing a short story. The short story is also different from what I have typically written and explore themes deemed highly controversial even in highly-developed and open societies like those of the western world. But as a writer who craves autonomy and challenging status quo, I didn’t want to limit myself. I like to do “what ifs” and “why don’t”.

Of course, I still live in a highly conservative society where there are even laws that govern what you do behind closed doors. So I have put up warnings, put a “Continue Reading” button that forces readers to click to continue and limited the exposure (by not sharing it on social media) of that short story even though I have published it online.

Therefore, if anyone decides to read it all the way through even after seeing the warnings, I’m gonna assume that you are accepting of the content. If so, maybe I could get some feedback as to how to improve further.

As it is Chinese New Year, we got our relatives over for buffet. The buffet was pretty acceptable and I found myself going for second servings.

However, I didn’t really mingle around with my relatives because I was focus on my writing. I wanted to get the story out before it slipped away for good. Because you see, ideas are fragile. The moment you fail to seize the moment and solidify the idea, it’s lost forever.

Later at night, we celebrated my youngest sister’s birthday.

I don’t have anything else major going on tonight. So I will end the journal off here.