Journal #319

This morning I woke up with an idea for a novelette. After I brewed the idea in my head for a while I got up from my bed and wrote down some notes. I spent some five hours writing out a draft.

In between my writing, I actually spent some time to watch a show on Netflix call Handsome Devil in hope to get more inspiration.

At about 4.30pm, I went for a shower and got ready to go out. My family and I were going to our relatives house for dinner. While there, I collected some red packets and played a few rounds of blackjack.

At about 10pm, we decided to take our leave. We went to the nearby Coffee Bean to have some drinks before heading home.

I have also decided to write my novelette of about 10,000 words over the next three days. I won’t say it will be the final form but a draft is a good start. I see it as a challenge for me.

And you know what, I’m more than willing to sacrifice my day job to meet this challenge. That’s how much writing meant to me.