Poem – Growing Up

A spark beginning of life.

Nine laborious months later,

Eyes opened

Seeing world for first time,

breathed unfiltered air.

The first cry telling the world

he exists.


With years past,

tiny human to big human.

First quadrupedal then bipedal

with beginner fumble,

black and blue everywhere,

yet never stopping.


Roaming about brain sponge-like.

Opinions and facts,

some prejudice-tinted

some societal constraints,

perspectives shaped.

Birth of thoughts

how the world should be,

individuality arose.


A series of chemical reaction,

a whole world of embarrassment

Blemished skins

Black curly keratin sprouting,

Pitchy voices bringing laughters,

Uncontrolled wild ideas

rampaging through the mind,

random construction of tents,

face red like tomatoes.


Clothes no longer fit,

styles constantly changing.

Constantly seeking, fitting.

When will it end?

Asked no further,

for it to stop abrupt.

Now no longer a child,

forever responsible for all things,

until your foot is in a box,

six feet under.

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