Journal #323

Work today was pretty relaxing in a way.

There was a morning meeting that lasted three hours where the division management team gave us an update and overview of what’s going within the division. That meeting lasted until 11.30am.

Later in the afternoon, at around lunch, there was a company buffet for everyone. Right after that was a company forum that lasted until 4pm.

So you see, whatever remaining time I had was spent on updating my local copy of the project source code from the central repository and then writing just a few lines of codes to test some stuff only to find that it didn’t work. The other time was spent chatting with the intern who sit beside me and reminiscing our younger days. It turns out we took roughly the same education path to get to where we are in life.

And yesterday’s night early sleep helped a little bit with my mental state today but I was still feeling groggy when I woke up. I had to put some caffeine and chocolate into my body before I could even function.

For the rest of tonight, I will go back and continue writing my novelette, which now has a working title call ‘Intertwined Fate – The Tainted Forbidden Love’. I probably would change it later depends on how I feel about it. 😉


Here is a launchpad cover of Alan Walker’s The Spectre:

Here is the music video to a rap that I enjoyed listening to. I dedicate this to those who are afraid of quitting their job and take the jump into entrepreneurship or do something they like and then complain about how their life sucks. Start auditing your life now.


And lastly, I just published the short story I wrote for this blog on Medium.