Journal #324

My state of mind fluctuated rather drastically today. I suspect part of it was caused by my consumption of a venti-sized Dark Mocha, which I ordered from Starbucks before going to work.

In the morning and until about 1.30pm, I was rather hyper and was listening to electronic music, moving alongside the beats. While listening to music, I went about finishing up some codes and started integrating with some of the other modules.

I also switched up my visual studio. I went from using Dark Theme to Blue Theme because it turns out writing code and even typing out documents on white background is better. It doesn’t look so depressing overall and much easier on the eyes, especially in a bright room.

By about 2.30pm, my state of mind started to slip into lethargic mode. I got sleepy and it became a struggle to do stuff. I powered through and managed to stay awake at least until 4pm. That was when I decided that’s it. I’m too sleepy to be doing anything and I want to go home. So I started winding down my activities and focus on doing other stuffs.

And what’s this other stuff? I went and look for games to buy for my iPhone. I decided to get a music game to test my ability to follow rhythm. The game is called Deemo. After playing for a while, it turns out my hand-eye coordination is actually very bad. This reminded me of how bad my aimming was whenever I play games that require me to shoot at stuff like Battlefield, The Evil Within. I tend to miss my target because I was trigger happy or I applied too much force and the cursor went to the side. I suppose it’s a good time for me to train my coordination skills.

Since today is a Friday, I will spend the rest of the night writing my novel. I think I may want to consume a small cup of coffee and some snack so that I can concentrate.