Journal #325

Today I won’t be writing anything about my day. Instead, I will share content that I enjoyed consuming.

The Denial of Death

Below are some launchpad covers of songs that I like. The animation and light works are just beautiful and inspiring.

Alan Walker – Sing Me To Sleep // Launchpad Cover

The Chainsmokers – Closer // Launchpad Cover

Paul Flint – SAVAGE // World’s First 21 Launchpad Cover

Kaskobi & Nev Play: ZEDD – Beautiful Now (KDrew Remix)

The Spectre – Alan Walker – Cole Rolland (Guitar Remix)

And here is a screenshot of the game Deemo that I have been playing on my iPhone and iPad. The tree in game is now growing slowly but surely.

And finally, this is how all of us live our lives these days, eyes glued to our smart phones not caring what’s happening around us and fail to appreciate life as it is.

Mac Lethal – “Til the Casket Drops” (Official Music Video)

So question is: Is technology better for us?