Journal #328

The key highlight of my morning was me smacking my Apple Watch against the bottom side of the table when I was lifting my arm up.

The Ion-X glass proved to be useless against that kind of impact. When I looked at the watch, I saw a tiny nick at the top. But it didn’t really matter anymore because the watch itself has already been taking quite a fair bit of abuse. The anodized aluminum body of the watch has tiny holes, white stripes all over, and a dent near the screen because I dropped it on the floor previously.

The funny thing is I like the watch better now because it has shown its age. The wear and tear is unique and it’s due to my clumsiness. So I guess you can see it as me personalizing the device.

But I have also decided that I will get the ceramic version of the Apple Watch next. I went to read up on the ceramic used by Apple and it turns out it’s one of the tougher ones around. That means it could go on longer without scratches and dents though people mentioned if you drop it on a hard enough surface it will shatter. And yes, the ceramic version of Apple Watch cost as much as an iPhone X. To me, I don’t just need a smart watch. I need one that is durable and can withstand abuses. Ceramic Apple Watch is the best smart watch there is.

The other highlight was I messaged a friend on Facebook to catch up. We conversed for nearly 3 hours on life and work. Personally, I thought it was a good chat.

After lunch, I actually went and talk to the intern. During that talk, there was this agreement where after spending eight and a half hour at work, it’s just quite darn difficult to go back home and do other stuff. Most of the time, it’s all about chilling and spending time to watch tv shows or movies. Then I also mentioned that I hadn’t been reading fiction books. Turns out both of us could seriously just read a book and do nothing else. The intern told me he once read a book until 6am in the morning. With those kind of dedication, it’s very easy for either one of us to finish a 1,000 page book in two days.

I seriously miss those kind of days. And this is why I’m forcing myself to stay on at my current job to collect the money. Build a big enough freedom fund and then I can start doing the things I truly love.

After that talk, I went ahead to start working on implementing the retrieval and display of search results. For this, I had to work with both the backend and frontend codes. For a start I focus on the frontend code. Previously I did lay some foundational codes as part of the prototyping process. So what I did this time was to extend those codes. After that I went to work on the backend, creating a bunch of classes for the purpose of serialization and deserialization.

But seriously, I don’t enjoy myself when I’m writing codes. Not anymore. I find it to be a chore, almost on the verge of it being torture. I just gonna power it through…