Journal #333

It is well known that journals or personal diaries don’t get you readership. Nobody wants to know what you have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Neither does anyone wants to know what you did for the day, when you used the toilet or when you talk to your family or friends nor wanting to know your deepest thoughts about something.

From what I have gathered is, after reading countless blogs and Medium articles, people want balanced stories that they can relate to. Now, at first I didn’t want to believe that. I wanted to believe that what I wrote is useful. But as time went by, the only stuff that I, as a writer, put out there that solicit a higher number of readership are contents like this, this, or this.

If you notice, most of the links I provided are to poems. Those are the kind of work that people can relate to because it’s generic enough and can solicit emotions from the reader. In any piece of writing, the ability to trigger emotions in people in my view is good writing. I mean who wants to read things like research white papers that’s so monotonous?

So that’s proof to me that what those other people said are true. I’m better off writing the personal journal in some notebooks that I keep in the drawers, never to see the light of the day. With that, this journal, at number 333, will be the last of my journals.

And after reading some of the stuffs like this, this and watching this, I have decided to quit social media. In part, I started to feel like I’m spending too much time on Facebook to consume stuff, which prevented me from doing my best work. I also tend to feel more depressed as I scrolled through the news feed because I started to look at the things my friends are doing and compare to myself.

So the first to go is Facebook because it’s in my view far more addictive than Twitter. I have already uninstalled the mobile app from my phone and iPad along with messenger. I have also deleted a hundreds of my Facebook status updates, photos and unliked countless pages and posts. It reached a point where I decided I’m much better off logging off from Facebook on my laptop.

In the days to come, I hope that with the reduction in my use of social media and the change to writing more focus and deliberate contents, I can become a better writer. I really want my contents to be of value. In the meantime, I will also continue to write fictions since it’s what I enjoy more. My novelette has been put on hold for quite some time now and I want to go back to it.

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