Daily Log #1

In my previous entry, I decided to put an end to my journals because I wanted to move towards writing more focused articles. After two days, it turns out to be a bad idea. I feel a great sense of emptiness in me even though I’m writing.

I spent sometime thinking about why and found my answer: writing articles feels distant and cold. Those are the only justification I have. I’m not saying they are bad because I do read such stuff but when I’m the one writing, it just doesn’t feel the same.

So I’ve decided to bring my journals back under a different term called Daily Log. I consider this a reset. Thus I will start the numbering from one.

For my daily logs, I will provide concise snippets of my day drizzled with emotions so they don’t feel so cold. And since I don’t use Facebook anymore, these daily logs will also serve as an outlet for me to put out thoughts, pictures, videos (ones that I watched), and random stuff I find throughout the day.

I think it’s very obvious that when you navigate through the world via the lens of emotions and feelings, decisions can to flip flop. I don’t think there is any difference with rational decisions except for the rate that it happens. With rational decisions, you don’t always change your mind unless the data really suggest you should. When you do backtrack, you can always cite data as your justification. For emotional-based decision, the only justification is “I feel…” and that’s it. It’s not a very strong case because there’s no visible or physical evidence but you know what, screw it. Who cares. Just do what’s right for you.

That’s all for now. I need to shower and get ready for work. I’m running late. Until the next daily log…