Daily Log #8

I came down with an allergy attack today and went to work sniffing. The attack got worse later in the day and by night time I was already sneezing non-stop. I had to self-medicate but it didn’t really work that well.

At work, I consider it to be a productive day. I was able to finish up additional tweaks to the search function that I was working on. Now all I need to do is to test the full set of functionalities as part of the integration testing.

Despite my allergy attack, I still feel pretty good about work. Somehow that disengagement feeling that I have has subsided a little.

Later in the evening, I met up with my friend for a movie, watching Tomb Raider again. We had dinner at Tim Ho Wan, a dim sun restaurant.

And you know what’s sad? I couldn’t sleep the whole night because my mom was agitated the whole night over some stuff and I suffered overstimulation. With that overstimulation, I started overthinking stuff. That’s the neurotic mind for you. Now, I don’t know how to clear this stimulation other than staying up late, tossing and turning in bed.

Thus, I’m up writing this Daily Log at 3.02am. Yes, I did plan to sleep early and write the log in the morning. But I guess plans change. Now I’m having a headache, sore jaw, dripping nose, and experiencing hunger.

I only managed to get some basic shut eye at around 4am onwards but it was pretty scattered. Like fifteen minutes here, twenty minutes there. And I also shifted the alarm clock forward by another 20 minutes. But at the end, I still feel like crap.

Maybe I will force myself to work today and see how it goes. Just don’t feel like wasting up to $70 seeing a doctor to get a medical certificate saying I’m not feeling well for work. And it’s not claimable from the company.