Daily Log #9

I got myself a Latte with three shots of expresso from Starbucks just so I can survive through the morning. After drinking a few sips of that latte, I waited until the caffeine kicks in. Once that happen, the headache went away and I was able to focus.

I spent my morning trying to figure out how to get the scrollbar for the tabs to appear using the Telerik library. I felt like I was an untrained monkey pounding away at the keyboard, having no idea what I was doing.

Then my team lead called for a meeting with the subcontractor, which was a company from China. While in the meeting, my team lead led the conversation sharing about the issues discovered during the testing of the application in the customer’s environment. XX was the second most involved in the meeting because she’s working on the server side of things which directly interface with the module that the subcontractor is responsible for. Another colleague and I were just sitting there listening. I also took the chance to record a voice memo on my phone so that I could review it later if I need to.

I went back pounding away at the keyboard after the meeting to try again until it was almost lunch. It’s just disappointing that I didn’t get anywhere.

After my lunch, I went to get some fruits for myself and actually asked if my team lead wants fruits too. Yet the best part is I forgot about it when I was at the store ordering my share of the fruits. My lack of sleep is really ruining my memory. Haha.

By late afternoon, I figured out what was happening with the codes and managed to solve the issue. It was caused by the incorrect serialization and deserialization of the application layout. There were missing XML attributes that control the tabs’ scroll viewer component. After I put in some codes to ensure the custom attributes is included in the serialization/deserialization process, the scrollbar for the tabs worked as intended even after the application quits and is relaunched. Yay me. At the same time, I also went about testing out the image upload and feature extraction functionality. It was working half the time and is pending the subcontractor to fix the problems found.

So my conclusion is despite my lack of sleep, I still manage to get some stuff done. I’m just so happy.

Today I also came to a conclusion that my parents are quite toxic when it comes to behaviors and what they say to us. It is not an easy conclusion to come to but once you have been exposed to sufficient “self-help” materials you start to see the patterns. There is three common things that I noticed from my family: threats, complains, and playing the victim card.

I’m also guilty of such behaviors as I am not perfect. I grew up in such a environment that it also affect how I treat the world. So what I can do is to be conscious of my emotions and actions so that I can arrest any attempts to engage in such things. I for one wants to live a better life and be better than who I was before. Threatening other people psychologically, complaining, and playing the victim card doesn’t get you anywhere. What one could be doing is to identify the problem and find a solution as I described in my article.

But of course in an asian family context, the young ones don’t really get to tell your elders stuff. It’s disrespectful and can create huge amount of tension at home which is something I want to avoid at all cost. Less stress equals better life. So instead the best one could do to maintain a certain harmony at home is to ignore those toxic behaviors and focus on surrounding yourself with the right people outside of home. If necessary minimize the interactions you have. Another thing that one could attempt is to inject the importance of taking actions for your own life and stop complaining whenever you are conversing with your parents. Well, that’s what I am trying to do anyway.

One last thing.

My client contacted me about another bug found in the application. I went about fixing it yesterday at night at home. Not ideal but since my client won’t be doing any deployment after March, it’s best to release any fix now. It turns out it was something that I accidentally introduced when I was refactoring and cleaning up the codes. The “else” portion of the code was missing which prevented certain actions from being taken in certain scenarios. But because I couldn’t remember what I removed, I had to go back to the older version of the code and study that.