Daily Log #10

In the morning, I found myself overeating again because of a mistaken feeling of hunger when it was just my stomach being an asshole and decides to produce more than the usual amount of acid. I chomped down two egg mayo sandwich that I got just shortly before lunch, making myself full.

Now, I thought I reduced the odds of my stomach misbehaving… I suspect it must be that three shot latte that I consumed yesterday. Of course being a coffee addict, I consumed that again today.

A few things happened at work.

The first was my colleague, XX, got called away by the division manager. I didn’t know what happened until much later when she joined us for lunch. She mentioned that the division manager is actually spending time to find out how “happy” we are at the job. There was the comment that females seem to be happier at work than the guys. Then she mentioned the division manager actually asked her, how I’m doing. XX responded, “Don’t ask me. Ask him.”

Now come to think about it, so that time when the division manager wanted to talk to me, it was about this? Hmm… Alright… But so far, I admit I haven’t been very reactive to or active in the affairs of the company. I have in fact skipped quite a few company events and actively seek to avoid the higher management. I generally went with a low profile there, focusing on doing my work and leaving on time whenever I could. Or maybe that’s the sign of disengagement… Let’s see how it goes going forward.

The next thing happened was regarding integration testing in the afternoon. I encountered some problem discussing with the people from the subcontracting company because they spoke in full Mandarin. I couldn’t understand half of what they are saying due to the use of certain verbs and nouns that I typically hear in English. I had to get my colleague to translate for me. And end up, she did all the talking for me. 😅

The next was I went ahead to implement mouse cursor changes depending where the mouse landed on a piece of image with custom drawn selection boxes. However, I couldn’t test that properly because the connection to the image analytic engine was down. And I was feeling lazy, not wanting to write excessive amount of codes just to generate the selection boxes. So I just wait around instead until it was time to go home.

At home, I decided to watch the movie call Annihilation on Netflix. I thought it looked interesting. I didn’t have much exception from it until the movie progress further along. It became clear to me that the characters were a little cold and underdeveloped. It was only during the last thirty minutes or so that it got interesting. But it sure gave me some inspirations and that’s the important thing for me when I consume any content.

While I was writing this Daily Log, I got kind of bored…no, actually a mild case of writer’s block that I actually jumped to another empty text file to write an article titled “We are all slaves”. You can read it here

And ok, I’m pretty exhausted. So I will just stop here.