Daily Log #11

I went with ordering green tea instead of coffee from Starbucks today and it turned out to be a better option. My stomach stop being an asshole and I didn’t really feel any major rumbling until it was lunch.

For lunch, the intern and I actually planned to eat at Seasonal Salad Bar but when we got there, the shop was closed. It felt kind of disappointing because I wanted to eat the main course. So end up we went with eating at Ichiban Sushi but it was a bad call. The service is so slow that we only got our first order of salmon sashimi 10 minutes later. My own meal came more than thirty minutes later. By then, the intern was almost done with his meal.

After that, we actually went to get some fruits but everyday it’s like we are gambling. The reason being the fruits we got everyday have inconsistent quality. On some days, the fruits taste sweet while on some other days, all the fruits we got didn’t have any noticeable taste. Sometimes, it’s a mixture. For me, I got a slice of watermelon and pear. Both of them turned out to taste like they haven’t ripe fully and not sweet at all.

For work itself, software testing continued as usual today. It is during this testing that we found more bugs and issues to fix. I took a systemic approach to fixing the bugs, starting with the easiest to do to the hardest.

However, Visual Studio 2017 was being nasty to me today. I had to restart the development machine once to even get things churning along but barely. During debugging, it was so slow that stepping through each line of code took five seconds. It even crashed once. Even the application itself also wasn’t responsive to some of my interaction because of the high cpu usage by the development studio.

The other thing I came across was the limitation of using base64 representation of image files. My colleague and I went with converting images to base64 strings because it was the easiest way instead of working with multi-part content. What we needed was speed in development so that we can reach this testing stage early. Today we got to see the sheer size of the base64 content when working with image files bigger than 2MB and IIS was spewing out 404 errors while the client application was trying to send the data over. Thus we had to make a last minute decision of restricting the maximum size of an image to 1.5MB. Of course, we will need to look at this deeper and then come with a better solution. For now, we will leave it at that because the testing has to go on.

During that testing, I found myself feeling kind of frustrated and I couldn’t really narrow down the reasons why. It could be because I’m bored with my work, wanted to do something else instead of testing, or it could be because of my ongoing unhappiness with the whole thing. That feeling did go away as it got closer to the end of workday.

Once home, I spent most of the night watching Dragons: Race to the Edge season 2.

I’m having trouble to get my gears moving again to finish that novelette I started last month. It’s already a full month since I last wrote anything. I should just stop looking for excuses and just get on with it, forcing myself to write it to conclusion.