Daily Log #12

After breakfast with my parents and watching a couple of Dragons: Race to the Edge episodes, I jumped back into writing the novelette. But it was a rather difficult process easing back into writing that story. I was procrastinating half of the time. Ended up, I didn’t do jack shit.

I do hate myself for that. I only have myself to blame.

At about 1.15pm, I got overwhelmed with tiredness and end up taking a nap until about 2.45pm. Then I went out to have lunch. The only issue was when I got home, my mom actually bought my lunch. Since I was too full, I ate it as dinner in evening while sipping green tea and watch two episodes of Jessica Jones.

Recently, I came to discover that one shouldn’t brew green tea in a stainless steel container or cup because of the chelation between the tea antioxidants and metal ions, resulting in useless and possibly toxic compounds. So I switched to using ceramic or glassware. However, that’s for home. I have yet done the same for my work place since generally I go with Starbucks instead of brewing my own.

I also went about clearing away some old receipts after a friend asked me how much I’m selling my old iPhone 7 Plus. Initially, I needed to find the original receipt of my iPhone purchase so I could take a picture, and get ready to transfer the Apple Care to him. Clearing the old receipts was because it’s part of the searching process and I felt like I should stop keeping them. Minimalism, remember? Those receipts don’t serve me any purpose anymore and don’t bring me joy. They were also taking up space in my cabinet.

Now, going through all those old receipts made me realize just how much money I have spent on Starbucks. I personally have grown to enjoy the taste of Starbucks coffee. Anywhere else, their coffee taste just isn’t acceptable to me. But I suspect it has to do with the source of their coffee beans and what the company stand for. After all, I do care about a company’s mission statement and values. If they align with mine, I’m all for supporting them.

Later in the night, I managed to get myself into a writing mood and put in at least three new paragraphs for my novel. It isn’t much but better than nothing. It took me about thirty minutes to get into flow with music in my ears.