Daily Log #13

The first thing I did upon waking up was get ready and went for a quick jog around my neighborhood. During the preparation, I did hit some snag with my Apple Watch. The AirPods refused to pair with it. So I had to relaunch the music app and turn the bluetooth on and off before they worked. So Apple’s idea of “work seamlessly” is not 100% guaranteed. I do have my fair share of irritation with my Apple devices over the years.

I didn’t go far this time. I only finished about 3KM and climbed eight flights of stairs. My timing for my run hasn’t improve at all and the reason was simple. I only run once a week. Whereas in the past, I would twice a week and climb stairs a lot. But these days, I have become more and more lazy.

Therefore, to raise my physical fitness, I will restart climbing the stairs from tomorrow onwards.

After the run and a quick shower, I read the book, NYXIA, until I reached the third page of the second chapter. By then I was feeling hungry and it was time for breakfast anyway.

Once I’m done with breakfast, I actually spent a lot of time watching Netflix, alternating between Dragons: Race to the Edge and Jessica Jones until it was time for lunch. After lunch, my shoulders and neck were aching badly. So I had to do some basic workout to ease the muscle tension. When those didn’t help, I took a cup of coffee with two painkillers that have muscle relaxants. Then I went and take a nap.

After the nap, I procrastinate some more by watching more Netflix and Youtube before deciding to force myself to write. I was able to put in about 835 new words for my novel but it was the result of going through some struggle to get words out, watching some more YouTube video, drinking a pot of green tea, and having dinner.

One last thing, I have somewhat given up on video gaming for the last one month or so and stopped using Facebook to free up more time. Yet I still find myself not writing more. The biggest problem right now is me spending time watching Netflix and YouTube videos instead of honing my writing craft, especially on weekend. It’s particularly so if I find myself totally exhausted and lacking inspiration or motivation. I don’t know if I should also sign out of YouTube and cancel my Netflix subscription just to force myself to write some more. Somehow I doubt that will work because I will end up searching for something else to read or consume.

Or… maybe I should make playing video game part of the process of writing. I just don’t know if it’s my general lack of energy, lack of inspiration, or plain unhealthy.

My only concern now is wasting too much time on consuming instead of creating.

If anyone has any advice, I will be glad to hear it.