Daily Log #14

A whole bunch of emotions defined my morning.

I woke up feeling groggy. Ate my breakfast with an air of unhappiness. Edited my Daily Log with irritation. Went to work feeling sad. I did keep my promise of taking the stairs when I go down my apartment building but that didn’t really change the overall mood.

Once at work, I didn’t exactly sit down and got down to work. The especially humid weather today was making me sweat profusely. So I waited until I cooled down enough with the help of the air-conditioner above me while listening to music, alternating between my iPad and iPhone because of the poor wifi connection in office. I scoffed whenever the music stop playing before switching the device. During that cooling down process, I spent time reading an article on medium and took a look at my half-written novel. I saw and edited some grammar mistakes and extra words that shouldn’t be there.

When I did get to work, I was pounding the keyboard pretty hard because I was kind of frustrated and bored. Now my fingertips are kind of hurting. Well, I do know why. I felt like I have reached the pinnacle when it comes to my programming skills and wanted to do something else but I didn’t want to go there because I know I will need to spend more time on the new thing. That would mean taking time away from my writing which was something I refuse to accept. And yes, it’s a conundrum I am putting myself in. So it’s up to me to break it.

For lunch, I went with the intern because I didn’t want to eat in this hot weather and my shirt isn’t exactly very thin. Both of us end up eating western food at the food court because we wanted the protein. For me, I wanted to eat cheese fries. That lunch turned out to be a good call because I didn’t feel hungry until it was dinner time. I suspect another reason was I didn’t put too much caffeine into my body.

After lunch, I spent most of the early afternoon implementing a popup viewer for images. It was because of the feedbacks my team lead gave during the quick demo in the morning. So far, he liked what he’s seeing. By mid afternoon, I was already done with the primary task and the rest was spent on fixing some other minor stuffs. I decided to call it a day at about 4.30pm and started lazing around. I will continue to finish up the other task tomorrow and prepare some data for a potential deployment this Friday.

When I got to my apartment block, I took the stairs up as promised. After climbing eight flights of stairs, I was panting and sweating like crazy. But I like how I feel after. I was lucky not to encounter any residual secondhand smoke in the stairwell. I guess it’s because I came home early and whoever enjoy smoking there hasn’t come home. By the way, it is illegal to smoke in stairwells, void decks and any sheltered areas in Singapore. Just don’t let me catch that person because I will report it to the authorities with photo evidence.

Once home, I watched two more episodes of Dragons: Race to the Edge. I am seriously enjoying the show and intentionally force myself to watch it slowly. Toothless the dragon never ceases to make me smile and laugh with its behavior. It reminded me of cats. Just that I really hope there is a way for it to grow back its tail fin because I find it to be crippling for a dragon like that.

Talking about movie and shows, there’s another one that I feel like watching and that’s Ready Player One. Now I’m just waiting for it to release here.

One last thing, I logged back into Facebook in the evening to clear even more stuff. While I was doing that, I started to read what I have posted in the past and that made me feel like I was such an immature prick who is whining and complaining a lot. I am pretty judgmental also. So it’s kind of embarrassing to see what I post in the past. But I guess that’s part of growing up.

And if you are wondering why I have not delete my account outright. Well, one reason was I want to review through what I have posted in the past since 2010 to see if there’s anything I could reuse for my future writing. Another reason was some of my friends still uses Facebook messenger. So I go on there every few days to see if there are any new messages. Then once I’m done I will log out. As part of my cleaning up of my Facebook account, I have already unfollowed a lot of things and unlike most of the pages. Therefore, my news feed now is mostly empty. I have now switched to reading news from the official websites and if there are newspaper lying around, I will read those instead.

P.S. Not consuming coffee yesterday and climbing that stairs are definitely good calls . I felt more refreshed while editing this log despite not having a full seven hours. I guess I will see if I can wean myself off Starbucks.