Daily Log #15

It’s another day when I came down with another allergy attack and found myself sniffling the whole morning. I do have one last pill for the allergy and so I took medicine just prior lunch to maximize the effect. I mean, after lunch I will most probably be sleepy anyway and the medicine causes drowsiness. So I could just take a nap to sleep it off.

For lunch, I had a plate of Char Kway Teow. However,I made a mistake of ordering large size as the medicine was taking effect. Before I realize what I did, I had already paid up and the order dispatched to the kitchen. Somehow I found a way to finish that whole plate even though it was meant for two persons. Wasting food just isn’t on my radar. It turns out to be a good call. I didn’t feel hungry at all for the whole afternoon until I reached home but I’m pretty sure my arteries are all clogged up with cholesterol…

Despite all that sniffles, runny nose, and sneezing, I managed to finished my primary task of downloading an existing image and re-upload it for feature extraction. I also tried to overcome my preexisting unhappiness with colleague, XX, to get some of the issues resolved. My other colleague, YL, helped me tweak some stuff on the UI side because she found the layout to be irritating. I’m just surprised she would find the layout irritating even though she doesn’t usually care about aesthetic or design. But it’s good and I thanked her for it.

Halfway through the afternoon, YL was talking about some thing about the search result and the team lead walked over to ask about the progress. She said this part is not done by her and should not ask her. After that, I tuned out the conversation talks about team work though I did hear my name pop up from time to time. Then the team lead mentioned we should work as a team and to discuss with team mates if there are some misunderstanding about the use cases or if something is not working.

I said in the past the team is dysfunctional. It’s even more so now because privately YL and I dislike XX while YL also dislike the team lead. That all stemmed from the countless incidents where the team lead tends to pick on the work done by YL whenever there is a bug in the system. We tried our best to “act professionally” just to achieve some result but it just isn’t enough to overcome the private dislikes.

Later after finishing up the task, I also had discussion with team lead and XX about the returned images containing pre-drawn boundary boxes. The boxes were drawn by the sub-system developed by the subcontractor to indicate what were the features found in an image. The conclusion of that discussion was to get the subcontractor to remove that drawing and we will draw the boxes instead. All we needed were the coordinates which could be found in the database. After that, I went to create a utility class to handle that so that everyone can use to do the same thing whenever needed.

It started raining heavily around 4.45pm. I was concerned that I would go home somehow drenched because the umbrella can only cover so much. But the drain died down to a drizzle at around 6pm and it was easy to go home. Once home, I watched two episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge and then had fish soup for dinner.

I felt kind of bored and didn’t want to write my Daily Log yet. So I wrote and published this article.

After that I drafted out the Daily Log.

Here is a screenshot of my draft I did before I turned in for the night.

And yes I used markdowns to write my stuff because it’s so much easier. The app that I use is iA Writer. It is currently available on the Mac app store, iOS app store, Android Play store, and for Windows. I like the app because it’s so minimalistic.

As you can see, the draft and what you are seeing now is so different but that draft is so important. It helps you to get the gist of the thing you want to talk about out. And since I was feeling sick last night, that draft allow me to expand it further the next day when I’m feeling better. Then it’s just more rewriting and editing before hitting that publish button.

One last thing, my friend started texted me about whether the iPhone X supported any form pixel density change or resolution change because he is not used to the display. After that, he asked me how to charge the phone. I told him to use the lightning cable and the adapter that came in the box. It turned out it was because he thought the connector couldn’t fit in because it’s so tight. I had to tell him to push it in until he heard a click sound. Well, can’t really blame him for that because he’s a first time iPhone user. He came from android and android does allow for more customization to suit one’s needs.

Time to get to work.