Daily Log #20

I found myself having some urge to play some PC games today but didn’t know what to play. So I went browsing the Steam store and the first thing that caught my eyes was Ghost Recon Wildlands was on major discount which gave me an urge to buy it.

I didn’t buy it in the months preceding because I thought it was too expensive and didn’t find Ubisoft games particularly interesting. I also didn’t want to waste money buying a game that I might find boring to play. So I spent quite a lot of time procrastinating whether I wanted to buy the game. When I finally did buy it, I was hoping that I will enjoy the game.

I powered on my PC and downloaded the game. Earlier on, I was using my Mac to login to Steam and make the purchase. Some thirty minutes later and after breakfast, I started the game and played for a couple of hours.

Below are some screenshots took from the early part of the game.

The only thing I like was the graphics and the combat aspect of the game. The game AI, especially your own team mates can look rather stupid at times. For example, shooting at enemies from a weird angle.

The main gripes I had with the game were the same I had with the other Ubisoft games. I strongly suspect it has got to do with age, the lack of stamina to chase after objectives to gain enough skill points to upgrade my character, and the lack of patience.

Thinking deeper, there could be a main reason why I don’t enjoy open world games these days but chose not to include that in this Daily Log. There will be a separate post for that.

After quitting Ghost Recon: Wildlands, a nap is in order because I was feeling sleepy. Two hours later and feeling fresh, it was time for a run. When I got downstairs, I realized it was still drizzling but it didn’t stop me.

I glanced at my watch from time to time and got quite disheartened. It looks like my stamina has really fallen because it took me 15 minutes to cover 2.4 kilometer. That’s too slow as the ideal timing should 12 minutes. It’s time for more exercise.

After the run and a quick wash up, I went to a nearby mall to get some supplements, facial wash, and a rice roll from QQ Rice. Instead of smoked duck, I went with tuna, fish chips, Japanese Cucumber, carrots and baked beans. While queuing up, the bus came. I was wondering should be quit queuing and go onto the bus only to be reminded by a rumbling stomach. So I stayed in queue.

The best part is that it was already 6pm and almost dinner time but I didn’t know what time dinner would be ready. I also didn’t want to deal with a bloated stomach caused by excessive gas. Once home, I went ahead and delete my Facebook account permanently while eating the rice roll. I kept the promise to myself to leave the platform and regain some sanity.

It turns out, dinner was ready by 8pm. However, I was still full from that rice roll. Yet I still pushed myself to at least finish my dinner because that rice roll isn’t going to last me till late night.

The rest of the night was all about writing and reading while listening to music until it was 11.30pm.