When you get writer’s block even for your Daily Log

You know something is wrong when you can’t even write your own Daily Log. Or it took you way longer than it should. After a few tries, nothing comes out. You gave up.

But it is supposed to be a piece of writing where you document what you have done, what you feel, and/or what you think about things that happened during the day.

So how difficult can that be, you asked.

There are a few reasons.

One, you become overwhelm by the feeling that everything you do is mediocre despite the best effort you put in. Some of the things you tried keep failing to turn out the way you idealize. One punch, two punch, three punch, your face is now all swollen and you wondered why you even try.

Two, you forgot the reason why you write those Daily Logs in the first place and are caught up by what people say or what the charts and stats say. Or maybe your “why” for writing those Daily Logs isn’t strong enough to withstand the effects those other things have on you.

Three, you recognize that your days have become so monotonous that writing about them is just a waste of space and time. Maybe it should be called a Weekly Log and not Daily Log

Four, you repeatedly fail to learn from the lessons because either you don’t know what the lesson is or just plain stubborn. And that is you keep trying to be someone else you are not because you want more readers. The more you try, the more it affected your perspective and has started to affect your ability to write Daily Log.

And what’s the solution to all of that?

Take a break. At its core, you are just burnt out.

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