Daily Log #23

In the morning, I focused on implementing scrolling of the image left, right, up and down on click and drag within its viewport with the mouse cursor changing type depending on the image size compared to the viewport. However, I was interrupted half way and forced to participate in a quick team meeting.

You see, my colleague was out there earlier testing the standalone version of the application onsite with another colleague from the hardware team and raised a whole bunch of issues because the customer had the expectation that the alpha version of the software is ready for actual field test and use. Those said issues I’m assuming went all the way up to the project manager, who then questioned our team lead about the quality.

Deep down, I’ll admit I was like, “Hello this is an alpha software, not truly field tested, forced into a standalone mode within a week and installed separately into four or five laptops with the involvement from 1 backend developer and 2 frontend developers.”

Anyway, I was quite irritated being pulled out of my flow state and almost couldn’t contain that irritation. But I try to listen as much as I could and understand what’s going on before I could think of any solutions. However, as the discussion went on, it was obvious that my colleague also didn’t really take note of the events that happened leading to some of the issues raised. Combined with the fact that she didn’t bring back the application logs except for the few screenshots, there’s almost no way for us to replicate the issue. Well, it’s not really her fault for not collecting the logs because the other team on site needed the laptop to get on with their work. But if we can’t replicate, we will have a hard time testing and fixing the issue.

So what we could do is to add even more logging statements so that even if we take a quick picture of the log file, we could see some sort of a trace. Then deploy another version of the application again, which we did later in the afternoon.

At around mid-afternoon, my colleagues encountered some issues with setting up the application on another laptop. It was related to the database. The application apparently couldn’t connect to the SQL server for some reasons despite the connection strings were done correctly. They got me to troubleshoot the issue.

I encountered that issue quite often during my six short software development career that it was obvious to me what was wrong.

The first thing to check was whether TCP port 1433 is enabled for the server. Then made sure the firewall isn’t blocking the port. I also checked that the SQL Browser service is running because the server is a named instance.

Then I went about to restart the application server and test connecting to one of the APIs using Postman. I admit I was kind of surprise that it didn’t work. So I tried a few more things like restarting the services again, turn off the firewall completely, tweaked the connection strings and even restarted the computer. Well, it’s a Windows machine and usually a restart resolve most issues. roll eyes

It still didn’t work… but there is no need to panic.

I went and change the data source from “machine name\sql instance name” to “”. After the local IIS server is restarted, I did a login test using the client application and the application login successfully. Yay!

Because there’s only thirty minutes left before knocking off from work, I didn’t do much. It was later at around 6pm when my team lead ask us to test in the other project room where the main test servers are all running in on a separate network. So we did a quick test and the application worked as intended. We informed the team lead about the status and called it a day.

In the evening, I manage to finish watching Dragons: Race to the Edge season 4. I wondered if there were more because I love the series so much. It was delightful when I found out there were two more seasons but Netflix hadn’t put them up. So it’s waiting time…

Later in the night, I had a chat with my best friend on the phone. Towards the end of the conversation, I mentioned something about me running out of stuff to write about. That’s when he brought up the fact that throughout my writing, I have only been touching the surface of my life. I admit it’s the truth. Whatever writing that you have read so far has all been about what happened in the last one year or so. There’s just so much other stuffs that I have done or gone through that I have mostly forgotten about because I always wanted to start with a clean slate.

I suppose I will have to start recollecting what I have done in the past and see if I can dissect them into individual articles. Of course there are some that I prefer to reserve for my fiction writing because a good fiction description comes from what you personally experienced or you feel strongly about.