Daily Log #24

Over the last few months, I hadn’t been playing video games on a weekday because there were other things that keep me occupied such as Netflix and Facebook.

Ever since I quit using Facebook, I freed up a lot of time that allowed me to binge watch Netflix even more but it reached a point where I recognized it’s getting ridiculous. Another thing was, I have ran out of shows to watch.

Therefore I decided to start playing again.

I played Ghost Recon: Wildlands and after about 3 hours, I actually found myself getting really bored by it. I just can’t see myself playing that game longer than 3 hours because of its huge world. It’s actually very tedious to travel. There are of course safe points from which you can fast travel to but some of the missions are actually quite far from the closest safe point. You have the option of traveling via vehicles or walk. The logical choice would be take a vehicle but if your vehicle is destroyed during your journey by enemy forces, or when you crashed often enough, you will have to walk or steal cars.

Talking about stealing cars in video game, I found myself struggling to decide if I should. In real life, I won’t even consider stealing. It’s just wrong to take something that you don’t own. So it’s quite interesting to see myself so self aware of that fact and would rather run and walk. It’s only when the distance is too big for me to run and I got lazy, I will consider looking for an empty car parked on the roadside and if I can’t find any, then I consider stealing a car.

I didn’t stay up late too late and went to bed at around 11.40pm.

When I go to bed now, I also have a habit of switching off the WiFi module of my router in my room after coming across an article on how radio-based radiation affects plants in a study conducted by students in America. Thus far, I hadn’t really notice any major effect on my sleep. I suppose I will need to set my remaining device to go into airplane mode next. Then I will monitor how it goes.