Daily Log #27

I met up with a friend to watch Ready Player One at 1.15pm.

However, because of poor scheduling on my part, I had my breakfast at 11pm and was meeting my friend for lunch at 12pm. So naturally, I didn’t feel particularly hungry but I knew I had to eat something to at least keep me going at least until the movie ends. I went with minced pork with scrambled egg on rice while my friend ordered spicy ramen with extra noodles. Compare to the ramen, the rice didn’t have a thick broth that is filled with oil and fats that could have made me completely bloated. And I thought it between price and amount of food, it was good value.

As for the movie itself, I quite like it. Tye Sheridan put up a great performance in both the real world and inside Oasis. The supporting casts were equally good. The movie does a really great job of portraying Oasis as a collage of different things because anyone could be anything. There are references to some of the things that defined our modern entertainment industry. To me, it’s also kind of like a massive multiplayer online game but way bigger than what we have today like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Heartstone.

Now, according to Tye Sheridan, the movie is a metaphor for social media. Well, I can’t say I disagree with that. I could see how most of us can’t seem to live our lives without social media. I myself am guilty of that. We used it to run away from our reality. Come to think of it, I suppose the same can be applied to online games that people play and got addicted. We forgot how to be human and live in the real world where every action has real consequences.

After the movie, I went to get the OTO E-Cuddle for SG$99. I wanted to use it to deal with the neck problem I have been dealing with.

So far I have tried it for at least ten minutes and it did wonders. My neck is no longer that stiffed anymore and I don’t have that nagging mild headache. I’m gonna try to use it on my back and shoulder.

However, once I got back to using the computer, the pain came back  after a while and I need to use it again. Looks like the damage to my upper body has gone too far considering that I have already been experiencing these kind of pain for more than 15 years. And the chair I’m using has just plain bad ergonomic.

I also finished watching the last three episodes of Jessica Jones season 2. Now I could say I’m finally done with Netflix at least for a while. So I did the same thing to my Netflix account as I have done to Facebook when I decided to quit it.

I logout of my Netflix account.

Now in order to login again, I will need to open up my password file just to get the password and the file itself is password protected. However, I’m a lazy person. I’m turning my own laziness against myself. So that means there is a high chance I won’t open that file. This way, I can make myself focus on what’s more important which is fulfilling the word count for my novel.

Come to think of it, maybe I should do the same to my Twitter account and YouTube account…

I just checked. Somehow my Twitter account logged out on its own on Safari and I can’t be bothered to log back in. I suspect it got to do with Twitter itself. Their cookie must have expired. So it’s a good thing. As for YouTube, I will let it remain as it is. The only few things I watched are music videos and tech reviews. I don’t really watch vloggers anymore because it’s no different from scrolling through social media. Everything is curated to present a nice life that others can only dream of.