Daily Log #33

It’s been a while since I last wrote my Daily Log.

Previously, I mentioned that I was suffering from a pretty bad case of back and neck pain. Over the last few days, I have been actively doing exercises combined with massages and reducing time spent in front of computer. Thus far, the results have been great.

The neck muscles, at least most of them are no longer painful to press and I could turn my head without major pains. Tilting my head on the other hand still need some work as the area near the collarbones feels tight and sore. I don’t get tension headaches any more and feel much alive. Thus I could also concentrate better.

My back and shoulders, they don’t hurt as much but still there are a lot of popping and grinding sounds coming from them when I rotate or twist them. Whenever I can, I will do stretching and rotation exercises for those spots.

Now to continue to ensure the pain and the associated stress injuries don’t come back, it’s important to have a great chair, neck support and good posture. So last week, I went to get myself a new chair for SG$320. The chair arrived this morning while I was at work. My mom was at home to receive the delivery.

After some customization of the headrest and back support, the chair is felt comfortable to sit in. I also took the chance to force myself to sit upright and pin my back and head against the chair.

Earlier at work, I also went to get a neck pillow so that I can have something for my neck to lean on against a chair that didn’t have a proper headrest.

I brought it home to use and will be bringing back to office. Well, I don’t see myself leaving it behind or getting a second one.

A video inspired me today and added more fuel to the minimalism fire that I have.

With that fuel, I used it to cancel my Spotify subscription because I don’t use it anymore as I’m using Apple Music. I also requested Fitbit to delete my account because I also don’t use it anymore. The other thing I went to do was to clean up my cloud storage like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. I removed a lot of pictures that I took while I was studying for my Degree and school documents.

Going forward, I will be reducing the amount of online accounts that I have to reduce my online footprint and consolidate all my data to a single cloud storage provider.

That’s all for today. I will see you guys in my next Daily Log.