Daily Log #34

My friend and I are now seeing who is a true minimalist by comparing how much stuff we have, even online.

Below is a screenshot of the home screen of my iPhone. The only apps there are ones that I use often. Everything else is on the second page.

And this is my current MacBook’s desktop.

Minimalistic enough? Hehe.

Over the weekend, I will start clearing out even more stuff that I don’t need or use anymore. Whatever that I have or will keep are things that I value now and bring me joy.

Now on to the next topic.


I mentioned previously that I wanted to write a horror short story. However, it is not a genre that I typically write in, thus I know I won’t be able to deliver a compelling one. (Hell, I don’t even know if my science fiction is compelling enough but it’s something I comfortable writing.)

But I know I should find ways to become better. I thought why not start reading horror stories written by one of the best in the industry, Stephen King. So I went ahead and got two of his books that I thought I might like. The first is The Shining and the second is IT.

Now, I always have the habit of wrapping the front and back covers with a plastic sheet to protect them. So I went and do it for The Shining because it’s the first book that I’d like to read.

On the topic of reading, I finished reading NYXIA by Scott Reintgen yesterday night. You can check out his blog here. Previously, I was somewhat complaining about lack of time to read. Well, it was just an excuse as I was looking to do something else. And Netflix was the easiest to get my hands on.

Now that those distractions are gone, I forced myself to read so that I don’t waste time doing random stuff. And I not even surprise that I managed to finish reading the last two hundred pages in couple of hours. It’s like I didn’t even notice it. I suppose reading Peter F. Hamilton’s book has helped me read and turn the pages faster. After all, most of his books are longer than 500 pages. The thickest ones that I have now are from The Night Dawn’s Trilogy and Commonwealth Saga. I still love those stories.

After finishing the book, NYXIA, I dare say now I just can’t wait for the second book to be out. I want to know what’s going on with the various characters. The book’s ending left me thinking what is going to happen to some of the characters who didn’t get to go to the planet Eden. Somehow I pity one of them for not being to go.