Daily Log #36

I re-inspired myself at work again.

The project I’m working on has a structure that I completely disagree with and just couldn’t bring myself to write my codes in that way.

So instead of trying to argue the virtues of the code style and structure I have, I will show the rest instead how modular it subsequently will be and how much it allows for the expression of the core domain.

My stance is clear here. Programming is writing. Creating a program is art. Whether you can see it or not, I will leave it up to you to decide. All I can do is show you.

With that, I don’t feel that “disengaged” from work as I had before.

After all, why make yourself miserable from Monday to Friday? It’s just stupid.

Anyway, some of my colleagues started following the style I have set while some remain set in their way. So in a way, I create my own clique and supporters through my actions and building rapport.

This clique thing starts to show up even during lunch when sometimes we sit separately or go separately from the rest.