Daily Log #37

Today is gaming day. Games played are Surviving Mars and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The latter being the primary game I played whole day. At the end, I still like shooting things up and it’s more simple to play. Surviving Mars require too much brain power due to its need to micromanage stuff. It’s much worse than cities skylines really.

Heavy rain through the afternoon and I decided to take a nap because of back and shoulder pain again. Did some exercise to ease the pain. The nap helps too.

The only thing notable happened at home was a burst pipe but I actually didn’t know until my mom came home and wanted to use the toilet. I was still napping.

Lunch was just a pork meat bun and a bowl of grapes.

At night, my family and I had dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe at Joo Koo bus interchange.