Daily Log #38

I read a few pages of The Shining before making my way to the mall where I met up with a friend for breakfast at Ya Kun Cafe before heading up for a movie. Now earlier on, right after I woke up, I actually had cereal and milk in order to stave off any possible hunger. For the movie, we watched Rampage.

I did enjoy the movie for it being a mindless action show. There were some funny scenes involving the Gorilla and the main character, Davis Okoye, starred by Dwayne Johnson that I found funny. In terms of story, I didn’t think too much of it because it’s an action movie. And I do appreciate the character development as well as the relationship between the characters for being not too rushed or non-existent like some show. Dark Tower specifically comes to mind.

After that we had lunch and shopped around the mall to get some toiletries and household products like detergents.

Once home, I spent sometime to draft out the this article titled Social Media – Don’t need it for news, you are only making yourself stupid before going out for a quick run. After running 3.2 kilometers and ending it with climbing up eight stories, I had a shower and went to finish up that article.

I did spend most of my late afternoon and early evening reading up articles from Halo wiki. Some of my fictional inspiration comes from it. Personally, I like that franchise quite a fair bit because of its expansive universe and science fiction genre but because it was primarily a Xbox-oriented franchise, I didn’t really play all the games. The only Halo title that I have is Halo 4, which I played and completed.

I hope the game developer actually remaster all the games for PC release so that I don’t need to get a Xbox One. Part of me felt that it won’t be minimalistic on my part if I get a brand new game console just to play a few game titles and then put it aside.

After all, look at my current collection of game consoles. I have a PS4 and PS3 there are all sitting there collecting dust as I don’t really play them. One of the reason was there aren’t any titles that I want to play and the second was lack of time. Even when I manage to find time to play, I had to be really intentional about which titles I buy.

Most of the night was spent on continuing from where I left off for my novel which was the second or third last scene (I haven’t decided yet) for Chapter 3. I put in about a thousand new words and a fifth of that came from me rewriting portions of the same scene to expand further on the descriptions and actions. I admit I’m feeling a little dry on motivation. I just don’t have that initial drive that I had when I was rushing to finish the first two chapters. The ideas aren’t flowing in.

I guess it’s a mistake on my part for not planning out what I want to write especially for the end. I only had a vague conclusion and that was it. I didn’t really have an idea about what to do in the middle-end portion—the part of the story at 75% to 95% mark.

So I will need to spend some more time thinking about it and plan it out.