Daily Log #41


The morning at work was spent on synchronizing with the whole team on what to do tomorrow for the deployment, which I mentioned previously. After that discussion, my colleague XX, team lead, and I will be going tomorrow to do it. Another colleague YL and the intern will remain in office to do their work.

During lunch, YL, the intern and I went to have our lunch separately from the other colleagues because we wanted to go to the Giant supermarket to get some stuff. There’s also another reason why. The intern and I didn’t want to join the rest to eat because of where they are going, which is a coffeeshop under one of the HDB building behind our company. That coffeeshop for us didn’t really have enough choices and the food although cheap didn’t have the kind of food we want to eat. For those other colleagues, well, they are ok with it because they always eat the same stuff over and over again.

After the lunch and a good nap (was very sleepy from too much rice and fruits), I went about to do some 35 pushups in office and 10 tricep dips. Then I did pushup with my knuckles and also tried diamond pushups. I found myself pretty tired but good after a quick rest. It actually made me more alert but it doesn’t mean that I translate it to doing work.

Job Hunt

A job agent contacted me via LinkedIn two days ago about a possible Technical Writing position with a startup. I only responded today indicating that I’m interested. Then I gave her my number and mentioned I’m only available for a chat after 2pm.

I waited until about 3pm when I got the call and we chatted for about an hour or so (I think) about what am I doing and looking for. Then I also shared what’s my current pay and notice period. Next, she also asked about some of the jobs and projects I did.

It turns out the conversation was also a way for the agent to gauge if I am able to simplify technical concepts. It is a skill that’s important if you want to be a technical writer.

Later, I sent her my email address and got the job description. After reading it, there were some of the requirements that made me doubt myself or don’t feel comfortable with. Maybe tomorrow I will clarify some stuff with her so that I know what I am getting myself into. She also asked me to send her my CV by tonight, which I will do later.

Making my blog more “professional”

I also did something to my blog on WordPress by upgrading it to a Personal Plan. The reason being I wanted my blog to be more professional with a nicer looking domain name. With the Personal Plan, I get to apply for a custom domain name which I promptly did. I went with “wordsfromtubulenthill.com” and it will take up to 72 hours for the domain name to stabilize.

The reason for that choice came from both my name and emotional state. My mental state is that of a turbulent kind, very moody and not very assertive. A part of my name, Brandon, also meant hill in Old English and I like that. The remaining part of the domain name is self-explanatory.