Daily Log #42

I met up with my colleagues at the customer’s office in the morning. After a quick breakfast, we went up to the datacenter where we got down to work of deploying the application and update the database. We were able to get the core server application up and running and the database updated by lunch time.

For lunch, we went to Chinatown. My colleagues each had a plate of rice and a plate of stir-fried dish of beancurd, meat with chopped long beans. For me, I went with ordering food from a store that sells Hokkien Ngoh Hiang and stir-fried rice vermicelli. I can’t really describe what I eat in words and so I will have to use video.

If you are wondering about the English, well, it’s Singapore English, also known as Singlish. Most of us speak like that. I think you can find Youtube videos about Singlish, so I won’t talk about it here.

Personally, I have always like to eat Ngo Hiang. It is I would say the Hokkien version of fast food. If I see such store anywhere, I will definitely order something from it. However, as the ingredients that make up Ngo Hiang are deep fried, it’s not healthy to eat it everyday—just like fast food.

Now, from the video, and from what I am seeing, these traditional food are actually disappearing from Singapore with the rise of other food cuisines from all over the world. I do feel sad about it. And younger generation of Singaporeans don’t even know what’s some of these traditional foods. I suspect all they know are Japanese food, Korean food and Chinese (mainland China) food.

Ok, enough of my rambling about Singapore food scene.

After lunch, we went back to work. But before that, the job agent called me again because I did have some questions to ask. It was mainly about the people there, company culture and working hours. I didn’t want to be put in another situation where I have to sacrifice my health to do something as it is just not worthwhile, no matter the amount of money.

Anyway, even after the call was over, we still corresponded via WhatsApp. I communicated that no matter what I do, it’s all about helping other people live stress free. And my primary way of doing it is through writing. This message is really more for me, to remind myself why I am doing what I’m doing. Such things then to slip my mind whenever I deal with stress. My only hope is that it’s a two way street—I use my skill to help people live stress free while others help make me live stress free with their skills.

At around 5.50pm, we call it a day having achieve quite a lot. The application was deployed and tested to be working. On a personal level, the job agent decided to represent me and send my profile to the company doing the hiring.

During my journey to work and back home, I managed to cover nearly fifty pages of The Shining. Thus far, I really enjoy the story despite it being written in the 70s. It’s still relevant now because it’s a horror story. Unlike science fiction, it’s one of those that can withstand time because fear is something primordial in all of us.

Ok, that’s all for today. I will use whatever time I have left to put in some words for my novel.