Daily Log #46

My Daily Log has kind of lost its consistency in terms of post time. The only reason was to spend some time doing what I have always love since I was younger and that is to play video games.

Yesterday morning, I came down with a diarrhea but went to work as per normal because I thought it might just be a one off thing. Then while at work, there was this cramping sensation and the need to go to the toilet again.

Then there was a meeting to talk about some new feedback garnered from the user when my team lead went to do demo with the customer. Throughout the meeting, the pain was at times unbearable and I was feeling tired all the time. When I went to the loo the third time, I knew it. It has to be stomach flu (Gastroenteritis) because I have often enough to know the symptoms.

So I told my team lead that I need to take time off to see the doctor. I packed up and left for a nearby clinic. Saw the doctor and he decided to give me a medical certificate for two days, stating that I’m unwell for work. I told my team lead about the two days and he say, “rest more and get well faster. You are a key person.” I replied with two hand emojis indicating ok and good.

I had my lunch and took my first dose of the medicines before going home. I took a nap as the medicines causes drowsiness.

Later in the day, I spent mostly playing a bunch of video games ranging from Everspace to Ghost Recon Wildlands. I even play Outlast for a while and got myself a few scares.

By late evening, the diarrhea has mostly stop. I didn’t stay up late and went to bed after taking some more medicines.