Daily Log #47

After I woke up in the morning, I got down to do some programming work, trying to implement the user session module and augment the existing database-based semaphore to make use of the session module for my client’s application.

At around 9.45am, my family and I left home for the immigration agency so that my mom could submit the application form for a new identity card. On the way there, I spent the whole journey reading The Shining.

Thus far, I really enjoy reading the book because of the way Stephen King wrote it. It is unapologetically true story telling. The words shows everything that is going on both in the character’s mind and in the environment. I also get to see that there’s no right or wrong way to present your story. Like for example, there was one chapter in the book that only has three paragraphs to tell something. I for one have always believed that a chapter should be at least two pages long or five hundred words long.

We didn’t spend a long time at the immigration agency. There was no queue at the service counter and service staff simply took the application form handed to her. Then, we went to have brunch of crayfish hor fun at Hong Lim Complex.

Once at my grandma’s house, I continue to implement the user session module while also refactoring existing codes. Some of the refactoring involved me trying to do micro-optimization.

While I was working, the sofa I was on had poor support for my back and neck, causing me to suffer another bout of back and neck pain. So I had to keep stretching. Then my uncle asked me to sit on a recliner chair that has better ergonomics. It helped a little but my neck still hurt and made me nauseated.

At around 2.30pm, my family and I left for home. But first we stopped by Chinatown point where my mom got some pastry while I got myself a cup of ice cream.

Then we left for home.

Once home, I continued to do some programming. While testing out what I implemented, my MacBook decided to undergo kernel panic caused by my use of VirtualBox running an instance of Windows 10. Now, I don’t know whether its VirtualBox’s fault or Windows 10’s or Mac OS’s. After a restart, I continue my work and decided to call it a night at around 6.45pm.

I joined my family for dinner at Han’s. I ordered Grilled Pork Chop for myself and a side of fried egg with bacon sandwich.

I love the pork chops with the black pepper sauce. The pork chops themselves were pretty well done and easy to chew. The fries on the other hand weren’t so good.

The sandwich, well, I like it especially the fried egg and bacon.

But after the whole thing, I actually felt bloated. After all, my gut is still recovering from gastroenteritis. So once I reached home, I quickly got myself a cup of warm water to help with the digestion because I do felt like vomiting.

Later at night, I decided to spend some time watching Dexter on Netflix. A few years ago, I did watch Dexter from season 5 onwards but never found the chance to watch the earlier seasons. So I am using this chance to catch the earlier season. I am also trying to justify to myself if I can learn something about trying to develop a character that has psychopathic tendencies yet have great self-control over his urges.

Other than that, I also have a talk with my parents like over the planned renovation of our rooms. An example would be to remove the wardrobe that I have in my room for over fifteen years. It’s kind of falling apart.

Another of note is I have notice how my blog’s viewership has fallen compared to the last six months. There is nobody else to blame, not even myself, actually because I made the choice to pivot towards writing fiction. And thus far, I really hadn’t been having any inspiration to write any new short story. As for poems, well, I don’t really have much inspiration either.

So until then, I will continue to go about my life, keep working on what I do best for a living, interact with people, keep reading more fiction books, play more video games and watch more shows.