Daily Log #48

Quick update as it is getting late.

I managed to get around to watch Avengers: Infinity War with a friend. Personally, I found the movie to be a little disorienting due to the constant scene change to show the interactions between the different characters and somehow didn’t feel particularly sad about the ending. I supposed it was because I expected it and that it is Marvel. There is always a way to walk back whatever was done.

Later at night, I spent some time to write this article because I wanted to share something about my self-esteem and my constant battle against inadequacy.

After that, I went to put in more words for my novel and am proud to say I finished Chapter 3 and started working on Chapter 4 proper. I did promise previously that I will put up a synopsis once I’m done with Chapter 3. I will do just that before the end of the week.

Given my current rate of writing, I suppose I will finish the first draft of this novel before May, latest mid-June. I admit it’s a slow process but it is what it is. I have to balance my video gaming life, reading life, spending time with family and friends, rest, and working on a 9 to 6 day job.

And you know what? My back and neck pain came back again. Sigh.

Ok, that’s all for today.