Daily Log #49

I live through most of my days dealing with doubt and anxiety, especially when it is a new project or a new task I need to do.

That’s what I felt over the last two days because I have a major task to do on Wednesday… that’s today. Basically, what I have to do is to implement a feature where the application will show a series of thumbnails derived from the same image based on the size and location of enclosing boxes drawn. Lucky for me my colleague suggested that I reuse an existing module that I have already done to display the search result in an image gallery manner. So I copy the pre-existing code over, added more codes and variables to support the feature. By late morning, the main capabilities was already done. But me being conscientious about what I have implemented, also looked at function overlaps and seek to remove those. I also look at how to improve the overall user experience.

Later in the afternoon, I spent some time guiding the intern on how to implement some stuff. In the past, I have never liked to mentor people nor do I have the patience for it. As of late, I came to internalize the fact and practicality of being a mentor. And that is you get to grow as a person and it also fulfill my personal goal of helping people live stress free. After all, I know what’s like to do my work without some kind of mentor or help and I don’t want the intern to feel the same thing as I did.

After that, I had to focus on fixing a specific bug related to image downloading and passing it over to another module for the purpose of doing feature extraction. What happened was that the image wasn’t displayed even after the image has been downloaded. It turns out the image wasn’t really downloaded fully and the rendering of image was done using a null array. So the solution was to rely on a series of event handlers attached to the BitmapImage class and the enclosing class. The moment the download is completed and the image is ready, the handlers are triggered and will force a refresh of the WPF Image component.

At the same time, my team lead asked me about a bug encountered by another team mate. That definitely irritate me because I did mention before that I prefer to focus on one task at a time and multi-tasking is very expensive for me. So I kind of do a quick explanation of what happened. I definitely notice a mild raise of my voice and my other colleague, who’s free now, helped to put the data necessary into the database and all is well.

I also had an interview with the hiring manager from a company which specializes in cryptocurrency payment solution over Skype. It’s a company that attempts simplify the use of cryptocurrency to pay for services and product through its own products and services. Their products also support pre-existing payment solution such as the use of credit card. The job role that I am interviewing for is Technical Writer. The role primarily is about translating technical information from Chinese to English that is for the company’s customers and users. The documents could range easily from user manuals and troubleshooting guides to implementation guides. So far, I really felt like this is for me until the three things I heard that are red flags for me.

Now a lot of my decisions when it comes to a new job these days are based on how much something will pull me away from my comfort zone, whether I will have to sacrifice my health for it, and whether I can fit into the company culture. Different company has a different culture. So taking into account my highly-sensitive nature that leads to lower energy levels, I definitely won’t work very well in a company that demand you to work like you are constantly on-call basis or require you to multi-task or suddenly switch your environment. It creates a massive mental load on me and stresses me out. The other thing is I never like to travel overseas for work. This new job requires me to do that because of the way the company is structured. There are employees everywhere in the world and you need to interact with them and sometimes flying over. So this is definitely not for me.

Yet deep down, I feel like, “It’s technical writing! It’s something that I want to be doing going forward as a career or job. It doesn’t matter if it is on a full-time basis or contractual basis. I just want to write.”

So I’m dealing with this internal struggle of wanting to do something new but didn’t want to stretch myself too thin or land into hot soup just for it. There has to be a balance there.

After the interview, I let the job agent know. Then we had a chat about the interview and I did share some of my concern I mentioned above. The agent said she will try to help me to the best of her ability and share some truths with the interviewer. Personally, I’m willing to hear what the next interviewer, most likely the VP, have to say if the company come up with some concessions. It’s a give and take situation and up to me if I can compromise too. So I shall see how it goes later.

And tomorrow, I will have to go down to the customer office to do more deployment. The customer has a major demo next week that involves people higher-up in the chain of command. So I have to ensure the application is deployed properly and working by the end of the day. There will also be a scheduled demo pre-run at the HQ of the customer of the application this Friday.