Daily Log #50

I have lost my desire to write anything as of late and thus the lack of updates. Then finally, today, I felt like writing something.

Summary of what happened

On Thursday, I came to realize that there is a grounding issue with my house’s electrical circuit. I only knew after the surge protector that I have signaled to me about a ground fault. At first I thought it was because of a problem during the installation of the electricity meter by the town council’s appointed electrical contractor.

After going back and forth with the engineer on Friday, I decided to call the electrician on Saturday. Previously, my fmaily engaged one to wire up our house with network points and add more sockets. So we called the same person to come and check. That was on Saturday. After checking, he found that there was no earthing on some of the socket but without proper diagnostic tools, he didn’t know that there was a voltage leak. Personally, I can feel it, the tingling sensation, on some of my devices like MacBook Pro because of its’ metal body. Even when I didn’t power on the socket, I can feel there’s some voltage on the mag-safe connector because of it how caused pain when I touched it against my skin where there’s more hair. It’s like electricity is using my hair as a conductor to get deeper into my skin.

Anyway, the electrician will come back again on Monday to change the sockets because he thought it might be the sockets that are causing the problem. Since my room has one of the socket that need replacement, I will need to take time off from work so that I can move my stuff away.

So over the weekend, I spent some time playing some games on my PC. The main games I played were Outlast and Cities Skylines.

Gaming weekend

For Cities Skylines, I continued from where I left off back in January 2018. I believe my most recent game was on this date.

This time I decided to end the game with a bang by playing with disasters.

First I call in the tsunamis which took a long while to appear.

This is the night view of the city after that tsunami. It looks like my city can tolerate that level of damage. Economy is still doing well.

Then it was time to call in the meteors and hurricanes.

A quick check of disaster report showed the amount of people killed and how much of the city destroyed.

Then it was another tedious round of calling in the meteors and more hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and whatnots provided by the game.

By now, my city cannot survive anymore after key infrastructure were taken out like the sewage treatment, power plants, and water supply.

After nearly an hour of systematically calling meteor strikes, earthquakes, and starting of fires, this is how my city looks like.

By the end of my destruction of my city, this is the statistics.

With that, I moved on to a new game today (Sunday). This time, I decided to try to play in the snow and move away from putting my roads in grid-style. I supposed it stems from my personality where I like things to be binary, or clear cut.

As I expand my city, I created a specialized zone for all offices.

Now that I don’t really use a grid system for my roads, I like to think that my city looks better and could work better.

Netflix Time

I started watching Netflix again and specifically, I’m watching The Alienist. So far, I really enjoy it. The story is keeping me engaged, thus I can’t help but binge watch it.