Daily Log #51

This morning I actually spent about an hour or so to put in some words for my novel while also editing previously written paragraphs and sentences. After that I didn’t get to do much today because the electrician was here from around 11am to 4pm. So I spent most of my time watching what the electrician was doing. After he was done, he explained to me some of the things.

It turns out that some of the sockets we had were leaking voltage into Earth thus causing a ground fault. After most of the lower quality sockets were replaced, the ground fault seemingly disappeared as per reported by my surge protector. That is until I got home and still see that red light. Now I suspect, there are a few more sockets, at least the original ones that came with the house but not replaced, are also leaking voltage. Considering that those original ones are easily twenty years old, it’s not surprising.

Other than watching someone fixed up my house sockets, there is this one thing that ground my gears. It was that the electrician was a smoker. Although he smoked outside our house, due to the wind, it got blown in. The living room and my room received a large amount of second-hand smoke. I had to use an electric fan to blow on maximum speed. However, it wasn’t very helpful because the air in my house wasn’t circulating properly. So the second hand smoke reached a point where I started to suffer from breathing difficulty and had to hide in my mom’s room and the kitchen.

Anyway, after he left, my mom and I started cleaning up the house. I also went ahead to start patching the old screw holes with mortar by mixing white cement and water. Although I’m not sure if what I did was correct, I just didn’t like to simply patching with just a surface layer. Considering the depth, I actually packed mortar into the hole with a prick punch until I can’t push them in anymore. From time to time, I used a spray bottle to squirt some water into the screw holes so that the existing mortar could stick to the surfaces properly. It didn’t take me long before I filled up the holes.

Then I went to clean up my room and put everything back to their original places before going for a shower and heading out. On the way to the mall, I also continued to write my novel. Once there, I went to get some supplements and medicine for my allergy. And I also went to the computer stores to look for a Bluetooth Audio transceiver by Creative but couldn’t find any in stock. I went to creative’s website and found that the product is only found on their online store. I guess I will not buy it and stick to using the AUX cable that came with my Creative Roar Pro when it comes to my PC.