Daily Log #52

There is an upcoming demo involving very senior management on the customer side. Therefore, this week we got very busy deploying and testing. We even reached a point where the team lead took a development laptop to the customer’s data center where he could do immediate deployment of new codebase. So what the rest of us did was investing any bugs found and implement fixes in office. Then we send fixed codes, either in the form of screenshots or original source file via email, to our team lead who will implement it on the spot and test.

During the whole day of bug fixing, there is one new things I learnt.

The first was how JSON serializer from the .NET can take several seconds to process byte arrays into JSON strings. It was one of the reason why image download through HTTP using JSON and then rendering that image take three or even four times as long. So the fix was to convert the byte array into Base64 string before serialization into JSON.

However, the biggest issue I have with the whole situation was the urgency imposed on all of us and the amount bugs we need to fix in a short amount of time. I mean I did tell my colleagues how I work best on one task at a time but yet I still find myself having to deal with a whole bunch of thing to work in a short span of time. I suppose if not for my colleagues, I would have become quite frustrated and pissed off. Well, I did feel that towards the end. But the one thing I also realize is how focus I could be if I make a very conscious effort about it and implement the fixes.

I know I will need to keep working on my emotional resilience but there is also a saying by Gary Vaynerchuk: Double or triple down on your strengths instead of working to fix your weakness because fixing take a lot more energy and effort that you could better spend on becoming who you truly are and deploy them to create things for the world or help other people.

Tomorrow, I suspect it will be another day of hectic bug fixing as soon as my team lead find more.

Work aside, the other thing I did was to split my novel into five chapters instead of the original four. It turns out, chapter three alone could be split into two to focus on two different themes or should I say scenes. I also spent some time on my way to work to fix up some of the wordings and sentences for clarity, conciseness and make certain ideas read better.

As for the rest of tonight, I will watch the show call Superstition on Netflix.