Daily Log #53

These past few days I have been going to work slightly earlier than usual because my team is having a daily (whenever possible) standup meeting. I don’t really enjoy that because it always make me super tired throughout the day and coffee is now not my go to thing. So I have to rely on sheer will to get through.

Anyway, during the meeting, we talked about what we did yesterday and what we would do today. My plan was to implement the backend capabilities to show and load events generated by the system. But plans are plans. They don’t go the way you want them to.

So end up I went about fixing bugs and implementing additional stuff that my colleagues need to do their work.

While doing my stuff, I also spent some time mentoring or guiding the intern on the stuff he needs to do. As a result of that, I went home later than usual…just like yesterday and the day before. Tomorrow afternoon will be the demo and I hope everything will go smoothly.

Once home, I watched a few episode of Superstition and re-watched the first Avenger’s movie.

Ok, that’s all for today as I need to sleep.