Daily Log #56

Today is just not a good day for me.

I didn’t manage to bring my mental state to neutral. My subconscious mind is feeling the stress caused by demands of my work— the need to take on my colleagues stuff, multi-task and constant schedule changes and shifts. I went through another night of insomnia, making it the second day.

There is another issue popping up and it’s related to my gut. There is this constant grinding, spasm and the need to make a run to the loo every now and then. By the last count, I have gone for the sixth time. Six times in one day! Even then, my gut is still rumbling while I’m lying in bed. It’s making me very uncomfortable. I wasn’t able to focus on whatever it was I’m doing.

My mind was also everywhere today. Frazzled. I’m having trouble thinking straight. I had some problem planning out what I want to do. Even when playing games, I’m making some of the stupidest decisions.


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