Daily Log #58

I didn’t feel particularly excited about going to work today. There was this general sense of tiredness and disinterest. Everything I do is slow. That lasted the whole morning and only got slightly better in the afternoon after lunch.

These days even when I’m tired, I didn’t really go with caffeine. I have since learnt that high-acidity of my stomach and the hunger pangs were caused by consumption of more than 80mg of caffeine. Even 60mg can be a little too much. So I went with chamomile tea. So far, I like to think that it helped to calm my nerves down.

Later in the afternoon, I managed to gain a little more energy and went ahead to finish implementing a new video streaming API on the backend to connect to a different endpoint provided by another sub-system. Although my team lead made everything sound so simple and shouldn’t be very complicated to implement, think procedural style and bare minimum use of design patterns, I for one don’t take that approach. I like things designed properly from the get-go with modularity and maintenance in mind. Well, at least based on what I think is modular but I also admit that I may have overcomplicated the whole implementation.

After I was done, I started working on the frontend at around 5pm. However, I didn’t do a lot because it was approaching 6pm. What I did do was to follow up with my colleague on the data. Turns out there were some issue with the data. At around 6.30pm, I decided to call it a day and head home, promising that I will take a look at that data tomorrow.