Daily Log #63

In hindsight, I know I can sound quite whiny and immature in my writing. I admit I do lose perspective on life sometimes and need reminders from people around me from time to time.

However, I also know how my body reacts to stressors and I suspect it’s probably more sensitive to stress than most HSP out there. After all I do fall sick from it and feel very anxious. So my natural instinct now is to avoid major stressors, especially if I don’t feel like they are useful for what I look for in life, as much as possible.

At the end, all I am really looking for is just a simple life where I go to work, give my best on work that I enjoy doing, get paid for it, and then go back home to do my writings, watch shows on Netflix or play games. I’m not looking for big fancy house, car, fame or lots of money. As long as I have enough money to buy the occasional new Apple products, eat decently by myself or with my family and friends, I’m good. Everything else to me is superfluous. It’s my definition of minimalism. In fact, I can live just fine without traveling overseas though I know it’s also necessary to gain new experiences.

Thus far, I really enjoyed my first job because it’s small scale and very focus. I didn’t really need to go around doing deployments, supporting customers and be part of a team to do demonstrations or presentation to management or customers. I’m happy there.

Then as I go further along my career, companies began to expect more from me due to my work experiences. I have to multi-task so much and deal with really tight deadlines that make me so miserable. No amount of money given to me is going to change how I feel about work. In fact, I think I’m happier earning just SGD44k a year instead of my current SGD54K a year because of the amount of work I have to do with increase pay. I also get to pay lesser tax.

After much pondering, I have decided to move on to work on a smaller scale basis and look for meaning in my work than to climb the corporate ladder. I don’t even mind if I have to work two jobs on part-time basis for as long as I have enough time to do what I enjoy at home.

If anyone have any suggestion for small-scale developer roles, let me know in the comments below. I’m definitely not looking for roles at companies like Facebook, Google or those multi-national corporations.

Work-related stuff aside, today I get to spend some quality time with family members and have meals together.

First up are some food that I had at a Japanese restaurant.

After that, I went to buy some chocolate to eat.

Later at night, my dad went to get some durians. It’s been a while since I last ate durians and I have always love these fruits. Yummy.

Lastly, I also spent quite a few hours preparing a timeline document for my novel, putting in new words and editing the chapters. It definitely make me feel better now.