Daily Log #66

Despite me feeling like crap from insufficient sleep and generally depressed about my life situation, I still manage to be productive at work by focusing on keeping my mind neutral and not suffer from any emotional outburst. But it was also harder than I expected when it comes to doing any work.

At around late afternoon, I found myself having already fixed multiple bugs as found by the tester, myself and my colleague.

While fixing the bugs, I also start to get a little upset by the sheer amount of poor code in the application. However given the tight schedule, constant need to do and support random demos scheduled by senior management, and changing tasks as the management demand, I don’t think I will ever have the time to refactor. I personally doubt the management even care about code refactoring given how they constantly demand new features and changes.

After work, I went home and took a nap because I’m going to watch the WWDC at night. I woke up around 8.35pm to have dinner before getting down to putting more words into my novel.

One last thing, I’m also thinking about taking a sabbatical so that I can complete my novel properly and get into self-publishing. I’m looking at leaving in October of this year and take on some light freelancing work to finance myself while I take half a year break. However, plans can change given my home financial situation and my obligations.

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