Daily Log #68

I’m tired.

I tried to sleep but couldn’t. My body clock is out of whack.

Rumination run wild.

Self-destruction become something I engage in…

I stop caring about the things that kept me sane.

I stop exercising. I’m too tired to even bring myself to exercise.

I stop writing properly. You don’t see any more poems from me. No more non-fictional articles. Even my fiction writings became inconsistent. Daily Logs became the only thing that I write and even those are inconsistent.

I stop playing games. Even when I do, I don’t derive the same kind of joy as I do before. I saw it as a chore to even play games.

What drove me into the tech world no longer drives me now. I hate it. It gives me the chills.

I try to watch shows and movies yet I still feel like they are also a chore to me.

Everyday after work, I just want to lie down in bed and don’t do anything.

Even eating is a chore…despite feeling hangry.

I am sick. Mentally and physically. That cough I have, refuses to go away for three weeks now. That tension across my body.

And finally…

I don’t recall I was ever happy with my job since the day I join.

What just happened to my Daily Log?


slam close the laptop lid